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Since developing this program many years ago we wanted to make it easy for you to get the most restful, restorative sleep possible.

What we're about to share is the result of many years of studying the most effective natural solutions combined with incredible delivery methods science has to offer.

As you read this letter you'll understand why we're feeling so excited and how so many people are now sleeping better. 

It all started with us getting involved in the CBD industry, launching a company called SOL✿CBD, and hearing countless testimonials of better sleep. 

By now you've likely heard of CBD, if not, below we will cover what it is and how it can help you.

But we also understood that CBD alone was not enough for most to tackle their sleep issues, so we pressed on.

Now, we're proud to share the following information on a powerful formula utilizing a cutting edge technology that we utilized to develop something extraordinary! 

Our hope is it will be received with the excitement and love we put into creating it.

Introduction To CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant (also know as a Hemp or Marijuana). The illustration below shows the most popular and studied cannabinoids in the plant.

As mother nature’s greatest medicine, Cannabis has been shown to help everything from anxiety to chronic pain - and it’s been used medicinally for thousands of years to do so.

All of that came crashing to a halt when marijuana was classified as a controlled substance in the U.S.

Big Pharma lobbyists have done everything they can to make marijuana “the villain”, so they can profit on addictive “house-brand” pharmaceuticals.

For decades, we’ve been sold a lie, but we’re finally waking up to the truth.

Modern science and a more informed public are taking interest in some powerful new discoveries, blazing the trail for government policy changes.

Now, what's really exciting...

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD is no longer a controlled substance under federal law.

Hemp is now deemed an agricultural commodity, and Congress has removed the plant and its “extracts, cannabinoids and derivatives” from the scope of the Controlled Substance Act.

That means the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) no longer has any claim to interfere with the interstate commerce of hemp products, so as long as the THC level is below 0.3%.

Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive and does not produce the “high” THC has been condemned for.

Instead, CBD has been helping millions of people all over the world ditch (or avoid) harmful pharmaceuticals and achieve a stress-free, pain-free, and focused life once and for all.

Great! But How Does It Help Me Sleep Better?

You're learning here that quality sleep is crucial to emotional, mental and physical health.

Now, if you've gone through the program, you know that your circadian rhythm is a daily (~24 h) cycle of biological activity.

You may remember that if it becomes poorly synchronized with daytime and nighttime, you may experience decreased sleep quality and/or quantity, impacting your body's performance.

What's exciting is that our endocannabinoid system has a two-way communication with our Circadian Rhythm.

Research shows that CBD may affect sleep directly, by interacting with receptors in the brain that govern the circadian rhythm cycles, according to a 2017 review of sleep and cannabis in the journal Current Psychiatry Reports.

Furthermore, Joseph Maroon, M.D., a clinical professor and neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center who has researched the effect of cannabis on the brain, says that CBD has properties that could help some people sleep better.

Most notably, he says, it appears to ease anxiety and pain, both of which can make it harder to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to activate refreshing REM sleep that reduces excessive daytime sleepiness.

CBD is also proven to be particularly helpful for sleep disorders in people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

It is also particularly helpful for people whose sleep problems are due to anxiety. Not only that cannabidiol can lower anxiety, but it also helps reduce the symptoms associated with a wide range of psychological conditions and brain disorders.

Surprisingly, CBD can help you both fall asleep and stay awake. 

In smaller doses, CBD stimulates alertness and reduces daytime sleepiness which can be effective in increasing the consistency and strength of the sleep-wake cycle. 

In large doses (upwards of 100 mg) CBD decreases sleep interruptions and increases total sleep time.

How We Cracked The Nutritional Code For Restful Sleep...

I’m going to show you the surprising reason WHY sleep problems can stem from other surprising underlying issues...

And exactly WHAT you’ll need to do to finally fall asleep fast, sleep like a rock - and wake up feeling refreshed!

(Backed by Harvard Science researchers)

Plus, if you’re currently using (or thinking of trying) CBD for your sleep issues…

Now I’ll show you how to make the sleep benefits of CBD work even better for improving sleep quality.

Okay, so the reason why sleep is such a tricky issue stems from the fact that there isn’t just ONE root cause.

Unfortunately, there are many.

But we can summarize the main causes...

The THREE main causes of sleepless nights is something called…


P.A.D. Stands For:

The 2 Main Deficiencies Are:


Step 1

This is an amino acid produced by your brain that gives a calming effect, letting you fall asleep faster. 

It is clinically proven to help relieve anxiety naturally. 


Step 1

This is the hormone that improves the quality of sleep. BUT melatonin production gets disrupted by blue light in the environment before sleep (think phone, computer, TV). The body also produces less of it as we age.

What’s so exciting is…

The NEW sleep liposomal Oksana and I have spent months working on…

Will target ALL 3 aspects of PAD.

Here’s how:

For starters, it’s based on CBD - so you already know it can handle the “P” and “A” aspects (pain and anxiety).

But until today…

We never had a way of helping you fix any of these deficiencies.

Now, that’s all changed.

Because, in addition to CBD, we’ve included 5 powerful ingredients in our sleep formula that will help with exactly that.



GABA’s big role in the body is to reduce the activity of neurons in the brain and central nervous system, which increases relaxation, reduces stress, gives a more calm, balanced mood, alleviation of pain, and a boost to sleep quality.


Melatonin is the “sleep hormone.” And if you’re deficient in this, it interrupts your sleep cycles… Causing restless nights and groggy mornings! That’s why we’ve included melatonin in this sleep formula to ensure deficiency is not an issue.


This is a potent ingredient that helps reduce anxiety. It does this by making your body produce more GABA… Which you know now, causes relaxation. So 5-HTP not only helps with GABA deficiencies… It also helps reduce anxiety for better sleep at night!


This is another natural ingredient that increases GABA and promotes deeper, restful sleep. A scientific review of 16 studies and 1,093 people - found that valerian improved the speed of falling asleep, depth, and overall quality of sleep!


This also helps increase GABA in your brain… Which reduces anxiety and helps you fall asleep like a baby at night! An evidence-based study found when using passionflower as a sleep aid had a sleep-inducing effect and improved the duration of restful sleep.


As you just learned, besides helping with anxiety, pain, and inflammation, research shows that CBD may also affect sleep directly, by interacting with receptors in the brain that govern the body’s daily sleep/wake cycles.

All these ingredients are then delivered in an advanced patent-pending technology...

This technology mimics how mother's milk delivers nutrients!

Yes, that's right, you can think of the effects of liposomes similar to how infants absorb nutrients in breast milk!

Because by surrounding the ingredients in liposomes (which are like little fat bubbles)...

Your gut doesn't break them down and all the nutrients get immediately shuttled to the cells where these bubbles break down and the nutrients inside are released.

This mechanism does 2 things:

In other words, this clinically proven,  patent-pending, revolutionary technology delivers results more effectively and quickly than any other product.

Now You Too Can Experience All The Benefits Of Quality Sleep...





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