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  • ⭐️ Why sleep is MUCH MORE important than you think!

    You’ll understand where your current “sleep blocks” are, and where your lack of energy may be stemming from (you’ll be surprised).

    You’ll be guided through a gentle, 360 degree examination through the lenses of our Neurochemist, Nutritionist, Sleep Cognition Researcher, Holistic Health Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner, & our Licensed Naturopath.


  • 🤔 Are your symptoms sleep related?

    Your body is sending you signals, are you listening?

    If you are, do you know what they mean?

    Discover the actual symptoms of sleep deprivation. Some are obvious, some are not and these insights are crucial.

    You’ll leave step two with an important new found awareness. Now, feeling more confident and clear, we can move on to…

  • 😳 Here's why you can't sleep!

    Why it’s crucial to nourish the Yin side of our energy flow at night… what happens to testosterone when you can’t sleep… how to learn to recognize your “performance cliff”… the number one enemy of sleep (hint: you’ve probably eaten it once already today)… and why specific technology around your house may be the culprit.

    You’ll feel a surge of new hope and awareness at the end of day three, along with several “aha” moments! Now, you’re prepped for your total treatment to begin…

  • 😴 Sleep hacks and secrets revealed!

    The surprising truth about how the hours of sunrise and sunset affect our energy, the perfect time to rise (or retire) for maximum motivation… how many milligrams of Potassium Glucanate you should be taking per day… and an ancient Chinese secret that prescribes exactly what your body needs to be doing between the hours of 11pm and 3am in order to awaken refreshed and renewed every single morning.

    These four days combined will leave you both stunned and exhilarated – ready for day 5.

  • 🥗 Eat this and sleep better!

    Let our experts reveal the ultimate dietary secrets to sleeping and working at ultimate capacity! We’ll really get down to “brass tacks” today and help you lay out some things you can change right now (without spending an arm and a leg). You’ll find out whether you should be eating more warm or cold foods… the reason Melatonin may not be helping you sleep better… and a natural substance that can end “racing mind” syndrome at just a gram or a gram ½ dosage. Then…

  • 🧘‍♂️ Learn habits of restorative, healthy sleepers

    What many describe as the most enjoyable part of the whole experience: You’ll sit back and learn how to keep your life in balance – by dialing in our “lifestyle protocols.

    Including… the 5 things to avoid doing before bed… what to do with a pillow first thing in the morning to attune your body for the rest of the day… why you shouldn’t sleep with a light on (it has to do with cortisol production)… and specific activities you can do during the DAY that will affect your sleep at night! Now I want you to remember…

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