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Skim The Letter Below To Discover If You Do (Or Don’t) Qualify To Schedule In A 6 Day Sleep Spa Retreat Where Our 6 Experts Will Put Your Entire Being Through Their Blissful “Total Sleep Treatment” ...WITHOUT Costly Facilities, Doctors Or Expensive Travel!
Monday, March 27, 2023

From: Larry & Oksana, Publishers BeWellBuzz.com Magazine

RE: If you just ordered The Sleep Switch CD, this is urgent for you to read now

Dear Friend,

Congratulations on making the smartest decision possible, and giving the Sleep Switch Free CD a chance to completely re-boot your sleep cycles in 60 minutes!

Having known Tellman Knudson (both on a professional level and as good friends), we are intimately familiar with his work and have complete confidence that The Sleep Switch has everything you need to biohack your brain and get a full night’s worth of restful sleep (maybe for the first time in years).

However I’ve discovered recently that many of my “ideal” customers are a lot like me - they are never content with the “status quo” ...they are always trying to do (and be) MORE than the average human...AND they are always eager to adopt a proven strategy for getting what they want even faster and better than the everyday person.

That’s why I’ve jotted down a way for you to get even more amazing, far reaching results - not only for your brain but for your body - in this letter. Please read it through quickly, and take it very seriously.

Everyone wants to “someday” achieve the life of their dreams, and some (like you) are actually willing to start by using science and technology to re-boot their sleep cycles from the ground up. And that’s totally achievable.

But what about completely revitalizing your body and mind at the same time?

Most people never realize how important sleep is to having beautiful skin, eyes and even being able to achieve your ideal weight...and that it’s completely realistic (these days) to expect to be able to biohack your way to a “new you” faster, easier, and get this: inexpensively, from the comfort of home.

That’s because, until now, it’s been an unreachable fantasy. Not anymore.

However, you MUST have access to qualified experts who can “take you by the hand” and guide you every step of the way through biohacking a new you, starting with every aspect of your 24 hour sleep patterns.

That’s why we simply have to let you in on the most relaxing, rejuvenating, and revitalizing 6 day experience we’ve ever found. Read on, because...

We call it the Sleep Well Solution’s Six Day Sleep Spa and the best part is:

You can experience the full 6 day intensive mind-and-body “retreat” while continuing to work at your normal job, sleep in your own bed, and go about your daily routines, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!

But wait - even though I know it sounds wonderful, before you press that order button, please take 5 seconds first to…

Take This Short Test To See If
Our “6 Day Sleep Spa” Program
Is Right For You

If you qualify, I have a special one-time-only offer for you to make it completely affordable today, so be sure to pay special attention and keep the page open if you pass the test. What to do if you don’t pass: don’t worry about it, that just means you aren’t ready for this intensive part of our sleep program. You may be at a future time, so if you don’t pass this time, just take a breath and close the page when you’re done)...

Test Instructions: Just check the box beside each question to indicate YES beside each you strongly feel applies to you:

I often feel frustrated that I am not able to get the sleep that I need, and have tried many solutions, but nothing really works (or if it does, it doesn’t last).

I have a “sneaky” feeling I could be accomplishing much more in my life, but health issues (such as overweight, lack of energy, or chronic pain) have kept me from fulfilling my potential.

I am a believer in thinking for myself when it comes to medicine; and though I wouldn’t trust just anyone off the street who claims to be a “healer” I also don’t really trust the Western model with their over-prescription of medicines. I wish there was a scientific, common sense alternative.

I know I deserve to be in the shape of my life mentally and physically, but the demands of everyday life make me lose focus on what’s important (like sleep and drinking enough water) and I often get discouraged.

If I know exactly what needs to be done and how to go about it, I have no problem doing it. I am highly motivated.

I enjoy learning new things about the way my body and mind works, and love reading self-improvement blogs and how-to articles (and/or watching videos).

I tend to put 100% into trying something new, and I’ll give things my best shot if I believe in them - but I also expect impressive results in return.

I would be willing to devote 60 minutes a day to experiencing something new, if it meant that in a week’s time I could be sleeping soundly, having boundless energy in the mornings, making smarter decisions, and enjoying both increased focus at work and more rewarding “downtime.”


Ok...now it’s time to total up your score. Ready?

If you achieved 5 or more (adding up the boxes you checked) then read on, because you are going to be very excited about the opportunity I am about to offer you to experience the delights of our Six Day Sleep Spa firsthand.

If you scored 4 or less, don’t worry - you are not ready for the intensive 6 Day Sleep Spa right now - but at a future time, if we ever release this test again, you may be able to retake it and improve your score then.

For those who passed the test, here is your one-time-only chance to get inside and experience the full 6 days of rejuvenating, relaxing Sleep Well Solution sessions, at less than ⅓ the normal entry fee when you act today:

Introducing The “Sleep Well Solution” - Your Amazing 6 Day Personal Sleep Retreat!

Now you can quickly and easily “dial in” your sleep patterns under the loving guidance of 7 international experts, find and dissolve your top 5 “sleep blocks,” and create a complete plan that allows you to finally take control of your life…ALL while experiencing the most blissful, rejuvenating sleep cycles each and every night...

Simply set aside 60 enjoyable minutes a day (to go through one module per day) and you’ll successfully complete the program. Nothing could be easier.

The best time for you to open up your module and experience it is generally first thing in the morning, before you get distracted by all the “to-dos” of your day.

However, if you’re more of a “night owl” you can easily fit a module in before bed, as well. People do both with great success. The important thing is...

Whatever time of day you decide to set aside “just for yourself” during your 6 Day Sleep Spa, you’ll be amazed at how taking those 60 minutes to work on improving (and then perfecting) your sleep experience will make you feel calm, focused and yet excited - even during the rest of the day! The reason this happens is...

There’s something about knowing you are actively changing your future, that makes everything else seem to flow better, instantly!

Here’s What You Can Expect To Happen During Your 6 Day Personal Sleep Spa & Retreat...

homeopathyDuring day one you’ll get clear on… Where your current “sleep blocks” are, and what your lack of energy may be stemming from (you’re certain to be surprised).

You’ll be guided through a gentle, 360 degree examination through the lenses of our Neurochemist, Nutritionist, Sleep Cognition Researcher, Holistic Health Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner, & our Licensed Naturopath.

As you can see, we’ve spared no expense bringing together the highest qualified staff for this program...

And that’s just day one!

During days two and three you’ll discover…
Why it’s crucial to nourish the Yin side of our energy flow at night...what happens to testosterone when you can’t sleep...how to learn to recognize your “performance cliff”...the number one enemy of sleep (hint: you’ve probably eaten it once already today)...and why specific technology around your house may be the culprit.

You’ll feel a surge of new hope and awareness at the end of day three, along with several “aha” moments! Now, you’re prepped for your total treatment to begin...

During day four you’ll experience...
The surprising truth about how the hours of sunrise and sunset affect our energy, the perfect time to rise (or retire) for maximum motivation...how many milligrams of Potassium Glucanate you should be taking per day...and an ancient Chinese secret that prescribes exaclty what your body needs to be doing between the hours of 11pm and 3am in order to awaken refreshed and renewed every single morning.

These four days combined will leave you both stunned and exhilarated - and ready for day 5.

On Day 5 of your retreat you can expect to…
Let our experts reveal the ultimate dietary secrets to sleeping and working at ultimate capacity! We’ll really get down to “brass tacks” today and help you lay out some things you can change right now (without spending an arm and a leg). You’ll find out whether you should be eating more warm or cold foods…the reason Melatonin may not be helping you sleep better...and a natural substance that can end “racing mind” syndrome at just a gram or a gram ½ dosage.


On Day 6, you’ll wrap it all up with…
What many describe as the most enjoyable part of the whole experience: You’ll sit back and learn how to keep your life in balance - by dialing in our “lifestyle protocols.

Including...the 5 things to avoid doing before bed...what to do with a pillow first thing in the morning to attune your body for the rest of the day…why you shouldn’t sleep with a light on (it has to do with cortisol production)...and specific activities you can do during the DAY that will affect your sleep at night! Now I want you to remember...

As amazing an experience as this will be for you, there’s zero need to feel guilty about taking this personal time to improve your sleep (for just 60 minutes a day I might add). Why? Because, of course, you’re not just doing this for yourself...

Friends, family, co-workers, your kids... in fact everyone you care about in your life...They all benefit when you’re at your best...and let’s face it, they suffer when you’re not. There is a way to “return to balance,” and this module will show you the #1 secret to make it happen for you. Ok, with that said...

After Completing Day 6, You’ll Benefit From:

  • Getting perfect clarity on what is keeping you from your ultimate best sleep tonight, and keeping you from being happy and productive during the day now
  • Having a complete sleep solution and detailed plan laid out for you, that will take all the “uncertainty” out of getting started
  • Feeling a surge of motivation as you focus solely on what you want to accomplish, and how, armed with the knowledge of 7 professional practitioners on your side
  • Experiencing the deep, deep level of peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have complete control over your sleep experience from this day forward
  • The confidence that comes with being able to “rise and shine” and perform at your best, every day, effortlessly. Your friends will be awestruck at the difference in you!

And, Don’t Forget...

Your 6 Day Personal Sleep Spa is not just a one-time experience that you’ll do and forget (like some programs out there), it’s an permanent treasure-trove of resources you can come back to again and again…

Whenever you need clarity, or to solve a specific problem, you can zero in and refocus on solutions by reviewing some of the most information-packed modules for just 5-20 minutes and get a “sleep makeover” any time (even give yourself the treat of another 6 day “workshop” whenever you like!)...

And as you go, if you need further direction, we encourage you to use the bonus audios, supplement, tea and tools list, and our friendly support service with 24 hour response time, provided right in your members area - to get back on track and keep your sleep cycles (and healthy new lifestyle) going strong.

And Yes: The “Secret Sauce” Of Our 6 Day Sleep Spa Is The Level Of Professional Knowledge Our Experts Bring To The Table From Not One, But SEVEN Different Fields Of Study (Which Other One-Sided “Sleep Better” Programs Are Missing)

The key difference between our “sleep solution” program lies in the depth at which we approach you and your sleep patterns…and the 7 different angles we use to evaluate and repair every aspect of your sleep profile, leaving nothing to chance.

Our experts come from the top seven fields of sleep study (including neurochemistry and chinese medicine), and are some of the best in the world.

Here’s a little more detail on that:

Our Ayurvedic Expert has been a practitioner for over 8 years and studied with three world masters of Ayurveda in India and the USA.

Our Sleep and Cognition Researcher studied at Stanford University and the University of Leiden and is now an international speaker and educator.

Our Neurochemist is, well, a Neurochemist (what more can one say? :-)

...But all joking aside, this amazing scientist is also the creator a one-of-a-kind blend of powerful, long-term brain enhancing nutritionals known as nootropics; ie NZT-48 as seen in the movie “Limitless.”

We are completely honored that he is joining us to create this experience for you.

And that’s just the first three experts you will meet during your amazing “sleep spa” in the comfort of home! There are four more that I don’t have time to introduce here, but you will meet them on your very first day.

Just imagine… while the rest of the world rolls by the same as ever, you’ll be convening with the best of the best, to completly re-vamp and re-boot your life, for sixty of the best minutes of your day, every day, for a week!

Their revelations from the world of science and ancient medicine will blow your mind (when you hear them) during your secret retreat from the “average, workaday world.”

I guarantee your results on the seventh day will startle you. I can’t wait for you to experience this for yourself!

Which leads me to my final point:

Because Your Sleep AND Your Entire Quality Of Life Are At Stake Here Today, I Have Added 3 Bonuses To Help You Sleep Better...

So, I highly recommend you take action now or you WILL miss out on the most amazing “rejuvenating sleep spa and private retreat” you will ever experience.

Your Package Price Today:

Only $297

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My “6 Days To A New Me” Guarantee

homeopathyIf you set aside 60 minutes a day to do your 6 Day Sleep Spa Retreat and (for any reason) don’t end up experiencing not only more, but higher quality sleep than you ever have before, PLUS feel more energy, motivation and enthusiasm for life during the day, we’ll refund every penny. I know that’s a terrific guarantee to give for a $297 purchase, but we’re 100% convinced that the Sleep Well Solution program you will experience during your 6 Day Sleep Spa is going to permanently change your life. We’ve seen it happen again and again, so we have absolutely no doubt it can happen for you, too!

We’re saying this to you from the heart: we don’t want you to miss out on experiencing your exciting 6 Day Retreat. But let’s face it, if you leave now you will never find your way back here, and even if you do, the counter may be finished by that time.

Like I said, we have promised to remove the page for evaluation when the test is over, and we keep our promises. That means it could happen at any time during the next few days.

So Please Reserve Your Copy NOW And Save It To Your Hard Drive - So That You’ll Be Guaranteed Access To Begin Your 6 Day Sleep Spa
Any Time You Wish!...

You now know our most important secret to success: the Sleep Well Solution, an intensive, blissful sleep makeover packed into 6 hour long sessions and offered only to our most valued readers, and those who want to join us in living a life at 110%, an experience most can only dream of…

Your friends and family will be amazed at the “new you” - the you that looks your best while maintaining your cool even in stressful situations - the you that arises refreshed, vibrant and ready to accomplish your goals each day - the person you’ve always known you can be.

I can’t wait for you to experience it. You deserve this!

P.S. Everyone needs an advantage when it comes to living in today’s high speed, highly technologized world (as nice as the advantages of that world are). Many people I know get discouraged way too soon in life and give up, settling for the “status quo” and going on to live lives of quiet desperation…

I don’t want you to fall into that trap! That’s why the 6 Day Sleep Spa is designed to give you the “break” you need to spring free of those everyday bonds, and rise above the life you’re living just because you think you “should”...the stressed-out life that simply isn’t what you had in mind. It’s not too late…

Secure Your Ticket to your 6 Day Sleep Spa today, and experience all the life-changing benefits of an intensive retreat - in the privacy and comfort of your home…

WITHOUT needing to set aside any more than 60 minutes a day out of your daily schedule. Think about it: is 60 minutes worth sleeping like a baby, rising like a superstar, and revelling in all the energy you could ever want? I hope so!...

I’ll personally make sure a complete copy of The Sleep Well Solution and the ticket to your 6 Day Sleep Spa is sent directly to your inbox within minutes after you order.

You’ll experience the confidence and satisfaction of making the choice to enhance your life...on your terms...instantly!

What The Experts Are Saying

I want you to have this on your computer and get the full benefits of having 7 Sleep Experts lead you step-by-step through your personal sleep makeover, where you’ll feel the difference after your very first day!....

Your Package Price Today:

Only $297

Add To Order Now $297